Heating substation SK-3V


Heating,- floor heating+ air conditioning + for domestic hot water (DHW) systems

Subsidiary company Ecoterm designed two heating and DHW substation for apartments and industrial buildings connecting to district heating systems.
SK-3V is fitted with brazed plate heat exchangers, heat-surface plates, the material is stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316).
SK-3V substation is effective – compact and lightweight. The substation is equipped with standard components.
SK-3V compact heat substation are easy to carrying and delivery time is short.

Construction and installation

SK-3V The substation is delivered to the customer as ready for installation,
all the components installed on a frame. Heat distribution substation is connecting to the district heating piping systems and secondary heating, floor heating or air conditioning.
Connecting to the power supply 230/400 V, and the outdoor sensor.


Pre-fabricated heat substation standard equipment includes:

  • Insulated (brazed or openable) plate
  • Electronic controls and sensors
  • Control valves with actuators
  • Circulation pumps.
  • Pump control box
  • Valves and balancing valves
  • Strainers
  • Temperature (can be replaced with temperature sensors) and pressure gauges
  • All internal electrical connections made


SK-3V substation and its standard equipment’s conform to the specifications of Association
of Finnish Energy Industries and the Pressure Equipment
Directive 97/23/EC. The heat exchangers used in it have been approved in compliance
with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (CE), as well as with the DNV and Russian
GOST regulations.
SK-3V substation is also required to Russia GOST R certification!

Substation warranty 2 years.
Heat exchanger warranty 5 years.(Finland,Sweden)

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on any property

Thermal calculation

Thermal calculation performed a subsidiary of ECOTERM developing computer program.

Information required for a quotation:

  • Thermal capacity
  • Temperature programs
  • Pressure difference available on the primary side
  • Pump head
  • Pumppujen nostokorkeudet
  • Connection diagram or other clarification of the equipment level and the delivery limit
  • Minimum dimensions of the hauling openings

Dimension and weight SK-3V substation

Capacity, kW Weight kg Dimensions, mm
60 20 120 110 1200 600 1400
200 100 200 150 1400 700 1900
300 200 250 170 1500 700 1900
400 250 300 240 1600 800 1900

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